Risole Online Advertisement Program, Powerful Advertising Solution for Risole Business members

 Risole Online AdvertisementRisole Ads Program Feature Overview

For Administrators or should we say, Publishers?

  • Configure Risole Ads Program to integrate with Risole Business Programs
  • Configure Social Targeting & decide which fields to allow advertisers to target their Ads to. Intelligent Targeting manager helps you chose fields for targeting as Fuzzy for larger fields & Exact for shorter fields like City. Plus offers date range, numeric, single & multi select & text fields as well.
  • Optionally Setup Geo Targeting
  • Decide which Pricing options to make available : Pay per Day, Pay per click & Pay per Impression
  • Allow Ads to be sent via Emails optional
  • Decide Pricing on a global level for all these options
  • Fraud Prevention features to avoid fraudulent clicks & impressions
  • Set Thresholds for email triggers 
  • Configure various Zones with their own Custom pricing, Ad types (Chose from Image, Text & Image & Text only), Dimensions & Text limits to fit the various module positions you have on your website.
  • Install Layout templates to use with Zones to get full flexibility in how the Ad is laid out. With this flexibility you can create any number of varied Ad types. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Decide if you want to let users Ignore Ads & give feedback on why they ignored it.
  • Ability to moderate Ads by setting admin approval to yes
  • Manage Ad Orders & manually approve offline payments.
  • Create & offer discounts on Advertising by a full-fledged Coupon Manager. 
  • Multiple Payment Type support (also extendible via plugins). Currently Supporting :
    a. PayPal
    b. Authorize.net
    c. Pay by Check
    d. Pay by Purchase Order
  • Enable optional promotion plugins to allow users to create Quick Ads of content they have on your website.
  • Admin Revenue Dashboard
  • Profile Type Targeting plugins - Native & XIPT
  • Risole Business Groups Targeting capability
  • Show estimated reach - Ability to display the estimated number of people your Ad will reach, depending on the targeting chosen. Admins, if the site is new you can offset this amount from the Admin.

Send Advertisers a Weekly Reporting email via Cron


For Advertisers

  1. Select whether to create a Text, Image or Text & Image Ad.
  2. Target their Ads to be shown in specific Zones.
  3. Create their own ads & see a live preview.
  4. Chose from Ad lay outing options to control how their Images & text are laid out.
  5. Chose to Advertise a Risole Website or something we have on Risole Programs
  6. Chose if they want ads to be seen by Guests or be Socially Targeted
  7. Admins can create ads without paying from the front end.
  8. Chose Targeting by fields like Gender, Country, and Interests etc.
  9. Extended Targeting - Groups, Profile Types via targeting plugins
  10. Geolocation Targeting
  11. Chose if they want to
    a. Pay per Click OR
    b. Pay per Impression OR
    c. Pay per Day
  12. Pay Online using from an array of payment methods.
  13. See Stats of how the ad is performing with cool graphs.
  14. Edit their Ad & Re-target if needed
  15. Top up their credits to make sure the Ad does not stop running
  16. Receive email notifications when credit balance falls below a certain amount.
  17. Get Weekly Email Reports

How can it benefit you as the Business Owner?

Now that you have built up your site with care & have a lot of traffic & Activity, its time for you to start earning money from it. With Risole Ads Program, you get to implement a proven strategy that Facebook already uses to monetize. With Risole Ads Program, you have the ability to show targeted advertisements to your users as well as target the "Guest Traffic" to your site . With Risole Ads Program's ability to target by Demographics & in fact by any JomSocial or CB fields, Users get only ads that are relevant to them & tend to click on them.

Risole Ads Program is completely automated. Once you set it up, advertisers can come online & target their ads as needed. If they wish, from version 2.0 on even Guests on your site can be shown ads. All you have to do is setup the targeting correctly, setup the per click, per impression & per day costs you want to charge & you are done! If you want Ads can be moderated by the Admin Approval feature. Plus from version 2.5 onwards with Zones & Zone pricing introduced, you can use the available real estate on your sites even more effectively & charge more for premium space!

As one of our customer says "Allowing people to place their own ads, and select their demographics with no involvement from me! My sites earn money while I sleep. How could anyone NOT like that??? "

How can it benefit Advertisers?

With Risole Ads Program, you give the control of their Ads to the Advertiser.

  1. They control what the ad contains & how it looks.
  2. They control how much they want to Buy.
  3. They control which users they want to reach out to thereby utilizing their money to its full potential.
  4. They can see direct stats of how their ad is performing
  5. They can pay online & get the ad live immediately. No sending you emails.
  6. If they wish, they can also reach out to Guests on your site.

With so much control, advertisers are much more comfortable advertising on your space, than they would be with a conventional banner ad. The extension is built to be simple keeping the end users who will advertise, in mind. Just designing their ad & seeing how it looks, makes them want to advertise!

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