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Events Management

Risole Inc.  is thankful to God for the launch of a Community Events Management System as a free service to the Risole Inc. community organizations.

The Events Management System includes Event announcement, marketing, newsletters, events registration, online event ticket sell, Scholars availability & booking, Survey, Forum & Idea sharing, Event Multimedia (Gallery, Audio and Video), Events Blog, Event Online Social networking (Separated into general, Teens).

 In addition the Events Management enables online events advertisement, free event vendor yellow pages listing etc.


Key Events Management system capabilities are:

  • Events Management
  • Volunteer registration & Management
  • Membership registration & Management
  • Events Pledge Management
  • Events fund raising management
  • Events online ticket sale
  • Events advertisement, newsletter and state wide announcement
  • Scholar booking and registration
  • Forum & Idea sharing including Surveys
  • Events online social networking for after event networking and collaboration
  • Extensive events participation and management reporting for each organization’s event
  • Live professional IT help for successful Event management & registration
  • Events planning, operations & management best practices, tools, forms etc.

For inquiries and participation please Contact Us

Syed Rizwan Ashraf

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Risole Inc.  Inc. (ONE Source)


Key Events registration features are:


  • Social networking Integration with plugin for showing registration history and activity in the profile
  • Frontend Event Administration based on powerful permissions structure
  • Ability to register for multiple events with one payment
  • Ability to enable automatic creation of event user login accounts when someone registers for an event
  • Built in Calendar with an OPTIONAL sync with the calendar
  • Ability to create events that are shown in list/calendar but do not use registration
  • Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
  • Barcode support, unique barcode image generated for each record
  • Complete integration for multi-language requirement
  • UNLIMITED Custom Fields (textbox, textarea, radio buttons, checkbox, dropdowns, textual, date and upload)
  • Conditional custom fields - have new fields dynamically appear based on the user selections in other custom fields
  • Ability to create "hidden" custom fields for admin use only
  • Prerequisite Events - limit registration based on other events
  • Auto Tax calculation option
  • Customizable frontend display of current registrants
  • Event Copy Functionality
  • Location Manager with full Google Maps integration
  • Public / Private Events
  • Attendance Check
  • 4 Status options for each record: Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
  • Partial Payment / Deposit support with fixed amounts or minimums
  • Archive Management
  • Option to display time zones (global or per event)
  • Overlapping Date/Time Check to prevent users from double-booking themselves
  • Discount / Promo Codes (with limits, expiration dates, etc)
  • Two-level Event Category structure
  • Ability to associate events with articles for easy display of details
  • Ability to re-order events and categories in the frontend list
  • Event Search functionality
  • WYSIWYG editor for all customizable messages and emails
  • Payment Gateway (credit card / echeck)
  • PayPal payments (uses PayPal IPN)
  • Google Checkout
  • Sage payments (North America)
  • Saferpay for European payments
  • USA ePay (credit card / echeck)
  • Pay Later option (Call in, Mail In, or Pay At The Door plus whatever others you add)
  • Offline Manual Credit Card payment option (collect credit card data, encrypted, and process manually offline)
  • Ability to specify unique payment solutions PER EVENT
  • Ability to track PAID status of all records
  • Individual and/or Group registrations
  • Ability to set a maximum number of group members in a single registration
  • Late Fee options
  • CAPTCHA Security Images on all registration forms
  • Custom email messages and receipts (can be global or event-specific)
  • Attach files to user confirmation emails
  • Member Discount option ($ or %)
  • Early Bird Discount option ($ or %)
  • Default Currency setup (global and per event)
  • Allow registrants to upload files during the registration process to send to you
  • Fee Fields giving ability to alter the registration cost based upon field options selected
  • Event Capacity function with Waiting List
  • Registration Cut-Off Date
  • Registration Start Date
  • Ability to manually add registration records for registrations that came in offline
  • Ability to customize which fields to show for various form types and also mark as required
  • Easy to customize text with the language file
  • Ability to change the Date Format
  • Publish / Unpublish your events
  • Choose from 8 different color packages for buttons and icons to match your template!
  • Confirmation Number auto-generated with every registration, included in emails and backend records
  • Terms & Conditions function (global or event-specific)
  • Upcoming Events Module to show the next X number of events. Can link to registration forms, JEvents details, or the assigned Joomla article.
  • CSV Export of registration records. Can select which event(s) and which fields to include data from.
  • Mass Email to all registrants of an Event in HTML format
  • Plugin available for auto-subscription to MailChimp Newsletter accounts





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