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Risole Donation Feature


Users can create multiple fund raising projects or campaigns. Besides other details to educate visitors about their project, they can also set a fundraising goals ($50, $500, $5000, etc). The fundraising goal, remaining amount and time left for the campaign are showing on campaign pages.

Rich Text Editor For Campaigns

Users can use a full featured Rich text editor to add descriptions about their campaigns. We recommend using JCE and setting up a Profile for frontend submissions that allows only the required features on the frontend.

Scheduling and Advanced Options

The Campaign owner can schedule a start date and end date for his campaign and schedule them in advance if needed. Advanced options like "Allowing Donations to Exceed Goal Amount" and deciding if donations should be shown publicly or not are available.

Campaign Photo Gallery

Impress your donors/investors by maintaining an awesome campaign image gallery! You can add multiple images against the campaign and show them in a nice gallery layout with lightbox effects.

Give Backs and Rewards

Give bagn donors in a nice tab on your Campaign page. It's a great way to say thank you ! Donor Name, Donation amount and Donor Avatars from CB/JomSocial or EasySocial will be shown if you havecks or Rewards have a prominent display and can have an image associated with them. In addition, donors can specifically choose the give back they want.

Show Your Donors Some Love !

show your campaign donors in a nice tab on your Campaign page. It's a great way to say thank you !

Awesome Pin Layout

It comes with a great sidebar with lots of filtering and sorting options to help your users find the campaigns they want. Its now easier than ever to find the campaign of choice.

Streamlined Checkout Process

awesome streamlined checkout process that ensures maximum conversions. Donors have an option to Login or do a Guest checkout or Register silently without having to fill any extra fields. We regularly improve the checkout processes in all our e-commerce extensions to ensure maximum conversion.

Quick Donor Data Capture

Donor data is pretty important for non profits. Our streamlined checkout process has an efficient way to capture donor data. Returning donors or donors having profiles on your site do not have to re enter data with our Autofill feature

Campaigns Module

You can use this super versatile module to feature your campaigns on other pages of your site. The multipurpose module will let you choose and show : - Featured Campaigns - Completed Campaigns - Ongoing Campaigns - Failed Campaigns on any page you want in a slick display. The best use of the module is to make copies of it and set them on different modes to make the Home page of your Funding section.

Donors and Donations Display Module

Using this module, you can show various types of jGive data on any page you want ! The module has multiple modes as below:: - My Donations - Recent donations on site - Top donations - Overall top donors

Campaign Specific Video gallery

With this feature you can show the donors / investors that the funds they will be sending or have already sent will be used in such a way. Creating campaign specific videos is going to help you build that trust and eventually get more donations / investors.

Amazing Dashboard for Campaign Owners

Campaign owners can closely monitor their campaigns by having a look at the All time donations of the campaign, average donation amount and graph of the donations happening per day